Know the language of your customers…know your customers…know your products!

Last week I was at an Italian restaurant client, who tasked me to prepare his menu in Russian and English and to polish up his wine-list a bit, so foreigners get the gist of his offering.

When we got to discuss my financial offer for the project, he didn’t quite understand what I was saying. I put the price for the translation into English, for the translation into Russian and finally the price for printing the menus. He looked at me and said, “I see the price for one translation, but I need four menus in Russian.” At this moment I stared at him saying: “But I only translate the menu once.” So he again, “I need four menus.”

At that moment it finally dawned on me that I am not a translator for him, I am a person who prepares him four menus in English, so he is actually paying me for a product, rather than my services.

Do you know how your clients speak? Do they care about how many fruits you are harvesting in an acre or do they want to know if your wine is good with asparagus? When you put on your label the word oak, do you think the people reading it will understand that it means a deep, sweet aroma on their palate or do they think this only means the wine is full-bodied?

When you prepare the e-shop of your website and enter the information about your wines, are you sure that you talk about what a customer needs to decide, whether that wine is good for him?

I usually buy wines at vinitaly. First it is delivered to my home and I can have a volume discount. What I really like about this site though are their questions, which might or might not come into my mind, if I am in a cellar or a grocery store.

wine pairing

or my favorite:

wine pairing 1

You could say it is easy for vinitaly to let the customers choose, since they have so many wines, well… I am sure your assortment is just as broad as theirs, you just never thought of updating your Facebook page or website with recipes to your wines, current pairing with a fashionable vegetable and the like.

Speak to your customers with words they understand (literally and figuratively). If you would like to boost your sales from your e-shop, let us help you with a campaign, let us give you some advice what you could add, remove or just make a bit more clear!

The message in your bottle comes through only if your wording is easy to understand!

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