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Just like any other mortal people, most likely you also think in January about what to change this year to get your business a new turn.
While in private life this decision could be going to the gym to lose some weight, for you it might be getting a new copy for your website.

Most of the wineries have a website and most of these websites are totally annoying. It is like there would be only one way of talking about a winery. There is the
– About page, where you can read about how many hectares/acres your field is and since how many generations you are in business
– The shop, where shipping costs more than actually getting the wine and it is most likely that you see a chemical analysis of the wine than some notes on who should buy it.
– Most sites list an Events/News section, which is most of the times empty
– and there are the contacts.

Shake it up a little bit, a whole new year is in front of you!
My first suggestion is to use the site to make people love you. Your website is not for importers – if you want, you can put on a segment FOR IMPORTER, where you list all the facts, they would like to know, such as how many bottles you have, what is the vine density on your yard, what fermentation methods you use, etc.

All these things are not important for people, who want to drink a glass. It is like you’d go to buy a car and the first thing the seller would tell you is how the steel has been made to produce the car.

Make the shop an adventure. Help them to choose their wine. Base the choice on a simple flow chart (include).

You, who has its wine tasted by pro-s more than once a year, have you ever thought about recording a tasting and putting the video to your site, so people can buy it, because they hear, how awesome it is?

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