What we can learn from horsepoo

The year was 1898. New York gives place to the global urban planning conference. The hot topic was not economy or urban planning, no: it was horse poo. The most influential people had no idea, how to handle the that time actual transportation method’s (literally) humongous output. It wasn’t just the smell, it was a threat for the health and source for many incidents (let alone the flies…)

The solution?

A brand new transportation method, which compared to the horse was an enormous environmental improvement, not bounded to rails, but flexible AND reliable in the same time: the Car.

How does that sound now that the car once was the eco-friendly solution over the horse?

Have you ever thought to apply this principle to the trade?

First we bought items which were in our neighborhood or what the big voyagers were able to carry and willing to sell. Some centuries later people wanted to have things more quickly and for less and above all travelling was not that difficult anymore, so import-export became a very viable and lucrative business.
The last century taught us the word globalization which helped visibly only the big players and suffocated those who had their local shops and had to raise prices even to survive. What a horse poo…When your family owns a business – or vineyard – for decades, maybe for centuries and you need to give it up, because the 15 acres you cultivate doesn’t give you 100 thousand bottles to satisfy the supermarkets’ shelves.

So what is the solution?

Internet. Internet has been developed with the sole purpose to enable packet switching between individual computers now for some of us it is the storage place of excellence for music, diary, calendar, contact numbers, source for communication through social networks or chat applications, we turn to the internet for information, entertainment and work. 80% of people looks up the item in the internet before they actually are going to buy it in a shop. Mobile shopping is booming, payment is immediate, you literally don’t have to stand up from your desk to get wine in the house. e-shops are no news anymore, the customers are used to it, but the question is, are also the wineries?

The point is: are we ready to use the possibilities technology offers? Do we embrace the opportunities to reach out to our clients, keep in touch with other wineries, importers, friends or are we looking at the new technology still suspiciously?

Look at how much Facebook changed since its birth. Now you can advertise your products or services and you even can sell directly from Facebook!

Whenever Stevie Kim has the opportunity, she underlies that the Chinese market is happening in WeChat. She is not saying, buy a smartphone or trust online-business: she puts it into one of the newest web-applications: the Chatroom. Have you installed WeChat yet?

Selling and buying has not changed at all since 2000 years. The only thing changing is the platform, where you find the product or the intermediary

Think about what a car could do for you when it was the versatile and environmental friendly solution over the horse. Don’t miss out on what internet can give you! Act!

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