Why do you need a professional translator at all?

Few months back I founded this new business, called Message in a Bottle, which aims to translate any wine-related material (written or said) into some languages to help small – or big – wineries, wine producers, cellars, restaurants to sell their product in foreign markets or foreign guests.

There are numerous studies, which prove that you sell better, if you speak the mother tongue of your customers, so it is not up to me to show this. Just think on the very popular sign of “We speak your language” in hotels or restaurants and everywhere really, just like the article says (the article talks about doubling a business “just” by hiring native salespeople in a car dealer shop….wow!!!).

I still find though so many potential clients, who look at me, like I would sell fried air to them, when I start my sales pitch and want let them understand that wine sells best in a foreign country, if the material, which introduces it is perfectly translated.

I started MIB, because I was sure that if there is a business, which never compromises on quality, it is wine. The price of two wines from the same producer, carrying the same varieties can depend on the year or the amount of sun or rain, when the product has been bottled, so I was sure, I don’t have to tell, why it is so important to have any marketing material in the mother tongue of their customers translated by a professional translator.

Just like every grape counts, every word counts too. I will buy a bottle of wine for over 50 € if I am sure, the wine is worth it. During this year’s London Wine Fair I listened to a seminar saying that 33% of the wines this year has been bought with a mobile device.

They haven’t said: you need a website, you need to translate your labels or you should have someone taste your wine in the language of your market and publish it for God’s sake, if you want to convince people to buy it – it says that wines are sold while we wait for a bus, while we go to work, while we sunbath on the beach and I am sure that wine is sold, which characteristics the buyer understands.

It is the way of life: people have smartphones and tablets and most of them already by setting up the device link their credit card to it to buy anything they want through the internet.

You want to get to their credit card? Let them know, you have something for them!

Let them know in the best of ways, hire a pro to give the message you would like to share. Do not give your website to your friend, who happened to live for 6 months in Venice, give it to someone, who translates thousand of words every day and who is willing to weigh the words just to make your message sound as perfect as your wine is! Hire Message in a Bottle, and be sure to make the right investment for your market!

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